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"A queer hope associates hope not with the overcoming of stigma, not with acquiring a body whose skin carries no trace of an injury, but hope in or even hope as the very failure to overcome."

"Sensitivity to Stigma: Eve Sedgwick and Queer-of-Colour Critique," Sara Ahmed (x)

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Kathleen Stewart and Lauren Berlant on Affect at the Limits of the Political 

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"Deleuze teases out the text in such a way that the thinkers he engages with express meanings (that is, potential lines of development) which perhaps they never intended, but which striate or traverse their thought, nonetheless, like fissures within glass. It is important, however, to emphasise here that in doing so Deleuze never puts words into the mouths of others—he merely draws forth and synthesises latent strands of implicated meaning, unconscious differences that the thinkers themselves could not or would not discern within their own thought."

Graham Jones and Jon Roffe, “Introduction: Into the Labyrinth,” Deleuze’s Philosophical Lineage, pg.4 (via bemusedbibliophile)

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"privation is demand directed to a lost object; frustration is demand which cannot be given its object; castration is demand for which there is no object.

In each case the subject is directed outwards to an external object, and it is the relationship of this demand to the place of the object that becomes the basis for identification.

privation, frustration and castration … are the three moments of gradual intrusion of the axis of desire. They correspond to the division Real, Imaginary and Symbolic."

"Sexuality In The Field Of Vision" - Jacqueline Rose, p.182  (via alterities)

(via alterities)

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"At base, affirming that mathematics accomplishes ontology unsettles philosophers because this thesis absolutely discharges them of what remained the centre of gravity of their discourse, the ultimate refuge of their identity."

Badiou, 'Being & Event'  (via aidsnegligee)

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Queer Studies meme by Amber Coyne!


Queer Studies meme by Amber Coyne!